A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

Office Solutions For College Administration And Registration Offices

Work flow in many college campus offices could definitely use a tweaking. If your college administration or registration offices are discombobulated or out of sync, you may need some office solutions that help put the work flow back on track. Start with the following suggestions. Office Feng Shui Ignoring the whole feng shui main idea, you can still use a few principles of it. For example, if the students come into the registration office, how does the registration process flow? Read More 

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A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

Large universities can be like small towns in that they draw tens of thousands of students to huge campuses. There are definitely benefits to a large college that offers a variety of experiences and the chance to meet new people daily. However a huge college is not right for everyone. My name is Anna, and I dropped out of a huge university because I felt overwhelmed and out of place. At first I thought that college simply wasn't for me, but then I realized that I could attend a small college and get the individual education I needed without the stress of a crowd. Is a small college for you? Let's explore it together.