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Office Solutions For College Administration And Registration Offices

Work flow in many college campus offices could definitely use a tweaking. If your college administration or registration offices are discombobulated or out of sync, you may need some office solutions that help put the work flow back on track. Start with the following suggestions.

Office Feng Shui

Ignoring the whole feng shui main idea, you can still use a few principles of it. For example, if the students come into the registration office, how does the registration process flow? Does it flow in a manner that makes sense? Are the students directed away from the receptionist's desk to a desk in a back room and then back up front to another desk?

That is overly complicated and just does not make sense with regards to efficiency and flow. Instead, students should be able to come into the office, greet the receptionist, move to the next desk with their registration paperwork and then move to the final desk for payment and/or copies of their class schedules. Intermediate paperwork, such as stuff for financial aid, can either be the last desk, or have its own flow department on the next floor up. That makes sense to most people, and thus "office feng shui" is born.

Scan, Upload and Send Equipment

When students need to get something from the registration office to the administration office quickly (or vice versa), they should be able to complete this step right in the one office in which they are standing. Inter-office mail or documents can be scanned in with a multi-purpose desktop machine, faxed over or emailed over to the other campus office, and stamped or marked as received. Give the students a receipt for this in case there are any future questions or issues, and place a copy of the receipt of transmission in the student file(s). At least two of these machines should be present in every campus office so that one can act as a backup if the primary one fails.

Vacuum Transport Tubes

If the administration office and registration office are within the same building, maybe your campus board of directors can approve of vacuum transport tube installation. Banks still use these tubes to transfer money and important papers from outside the bank to inside the bank. Inside an actual building, the tubes would transport rolled papers from one floor to the next and back down again via an automated push button system. It beats having to climb stairs or scan, fax and/or email everything.

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A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

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