A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

How To Find The Best Online Colleges For Military Members

Military members have unique circumstances that can make pursuing a college degree challenging. Luckily, there are a plethora of online colleges that cater to the needs of military students. How do you choose which one to attend? This blog will provide you with the information you need to help you find the best college to attend as a military member, spouse, or dependent. 

Military Friendly 

A company called "Military Friendly" used public data sources and the results of a private survey to evaluate the military friendliness of 1,800 universities. 282 schools earned a gold rating due to their innovative practices and successful programs that ensure military success. 

Gold-rated schools go above and beyond for their military students. For instance, a gold-designated university will typically have a policy of admitting credits for military experience. By enrolling in a university that accepts military training as academic credit, you may be able to finish your degree more quickly and advance to the next stage of your career faster.

Universities will proudly display their rating of Gold, Silver, or Bronze on their websites, but you can verify a college's rating on another website. 

Financially Friendly

Your university should offer competitive tuition for the military and help ensure that you are using your government benefits to their fullest potential. For instance, the VA pays up to $26,042.81 per year for private or international schools while alternately covering 100% of the cost of public, in-state tuition. You may also qualify for monthly housing payments and a yearly book stipend worth up to $1,000. 

If you want to attend a more prestigious university, check to see if they provide assistance through the voluntary Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides qualified veterans with financial aid above and beyond the assistance provided by the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Regionally Accredited 

Your college should have regional accreditation so that other colleges and future employers value the credits you earned. This is especially important if you decide you want to go on to earn a Master's or Doctoral degree one day.

Deployment Friendly

If you're on active duty, you'll want to check that your university has a generous withdrawal policy that provides refunds for terms not completed due to deployment in case you have to take a break for a few months.

Focusing on universities that are well-equipped to meet your specific needs as a military member is a good move as you consider using your hard-earned military education benefits. You can narrow down your list of potential colleges by using the factors mentioned above. For more information on online colleges for military students, contact a company near you.

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A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

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