A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

3 Reasons Military Personnel Should Attend an Online College for Military

When you are in the military, earning a college education can be helpful for increasing your rank or securing different types of employment within the military. Regardless of your current military status, it is often advantageous to attend an online college that is military-friendly. Here are three reasons you should consider attending an online college.

1. Better Flexibility

Whether you are active duty or a reservist, you need optimal flexibility when pursuing your education. One of the advantages of attending an online college is you can take your work with you anywhere in the world, assuming you have reliable internet. Many people in the military may change their duty stations at least every few years, making it difficult to attend a traditional on-campus program. When online colleges are military-friendly, they also understand that you may deploy or have other job-related concerns that may prevent you from accessing your courses online. They may give you the option to receive an "Incomplete" in your current course or delay completion of your current course in other ways so you do not have to retake the course.

2. More Affordable

A military-friendly college might also be more affordable for you. Some people in the military attend college based on military benefits, such as the GI bill, but your college may offer additional funding opportunities because of your military status. For example, there may be scholarships or grants specifically for members of the military. You might also be eligible for tuition discounts or wavers that might offset some of the costs of your education and help any funding you receive stretch further. If you are attending a traditional on-campus college that has online programs or satellite locations, military members often do not have to worry about differences in in-state versus out-of-state tuition rates because they automatically receive in-state rates.

3. Earn Credits

Some colleges add other incentives if you were or are currently in the military. One incentive can be applying some of your military training or experiences toward your education in the form of credits. It is similar to transferring credits from another college. Many people who have been in the military receive special on-the-job training, such as learning about technology, medicine, or security. If they choose to enroll in programs, especially those similar to the type of job they did while in the military, this can shorten the amount of time it takes to earn a degree.

There are many benefits to attending an online university for military personnel, especially those with more flexible programs. These colleges can make it easier for people in the military, often with erratic work and deployment schedules, to finish their college degree.

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A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

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