A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

Interesting Career Paths You Can Take With A Degree In Cosmetology

Graduate with a degree in cosmetology and you may think that you have in your hands a one-way ticket straight to a hair salon for employment. What you may not know is that holding a certification in cosmetology says a great deal about your skills and achieving this accomplishment has opened up many doors of possibility in the world of employment. There are many interesting career paths that you can take once you have earned your cosmetology license, and they are far more interesting than standing in a salon all day where the pay may not be that great and long hours are to be expected. 

Film and Theater Stylist

From live productions to movies, all of those actors that take the stage or stand behind the camera pay a visit to hair and makeup before they get there. With a cosmetology license, it could be your job to get actors, news anchors, and even television guests get ready for their big production. Cosmetologists that work in the film industry earn an average wage of just over $88,000 a year and those who work with live productions earn somewhere closer to $60,000, which is still an attractive wage. 

Personal Hair and Beauty Assistant 

If you like working on a more personal level with a particular client, you should look into taking your cosmetology expertise into the personal hair and beauty assistant realm. Many of the most important people in every venue from politics to Hollywood must have a personal hair and beauty assistant who helps them get ready for public appearances. This career can be demanding, often requiring you to travel with your client and be on call, but may be exciting and come with many perks, such as close interaction with iconic public features and lavish trips. 

Platform or Runway Style Artist 

If you are totally into creating new looks and styles, platform or runway style artistry is a good direction for your career to take. Just as it is in the fashion industry, there are always ongoing shows and presentations that revolve around new trends in hair and makeup. These jobs can be a bit harder to land, but will definitely give you a creative outlet to show off your unique sense of style when it comes to hair and makeup. You may even be able to start a new trend that takes hold in the fashion industry because style artists are highly regarded in the arena. 

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A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

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