A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

Three Simple Ways To Prepare To Study in The Caribbean

Visiting the Caribbean for a vacation sits atop many people's lists, but it's also possible to head south with the goal of furthering your education. If you want to trade the sand and surf for a classroom and a computer, you can earn a recognized degree that will help you land your dream job wherever you wish to work. Although you might be primarily focused on preparing for your educational experience, it's also important to take a little time in the months that lead up to your relocation to prepare for living in a different setting. You'll quickly notice that Caribbean life is different from life in the United States, but some preparation can make the transition easier.

Language Training

Although many people in Caribbean nations such as Curaçao speak English, you can improve your ability to communicate with the locals by at least learning some key phrases in the country's other main tongue. In Curaçao, for example, Dutch is one of the country's official languages. Of course, taking the time to extensively learn a new language in the months leading up you going to medical school isn't necessarily practical, but you can buy a translation book or download a translation mobile app to help you learn how to use everyday phrases.

Finding Employment

If you plan to work at a part-time job during the completion of your studies, it's important to learn about what employment paperwork you'll need. Because you're already preparing to have a student visa by the time you leave, take the extra time to learn about and obtain a work permit. Do some research online to determine what type of part-time jobs are available for people with your particular set of skills. Some international students choose to work at Caribbean resorts, given that they'll be able to communicate in English or Spanish with visitors and can often find work with part-time hours.

Weather Awareness

Caribbean nations have a deserved reputation as being hot and sunny, but it's helpful to do a little research on the country that you'll be visiting to help you know what to expect during your months of residency. Nations such as Curaçao have fairly consistent temperatures throughout the year, but higher rates of precipitation in the fall and winter. Although you might largely be indoors during your time in the country, it's ideal to have an understanding of the typical weather patterns to help you pack accordingly. It's better to travel with some rain-resistant gear you already have than buy it on a student's budget.

For more information about studying in the Caribbean, consider searching the phrase "caribbean islands medical schools" in your Internet browser.

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A Small College Might be the Right Choice for You

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